Monday, March 22, 2010


I finally have my first steps done for gardening this year. I have a couple hundred seedlings started (sitting on a table in front of some windows in my home until I transfer them to the greenhouse once it's repaired). My brother and I have tilled up the entire garden to prepare the soil. We have also been able to plant; garlic, onions, peas, and some potatoes. We were also pleasantly surprised that some bulb onions which we planted last year were coming up in one of our raised beds. These onions just never took off last year after we planted them (could have been to hot) but are looking good now. We made the decision to plant one raised bed full of potatoes, we know this is awfully early but it has been a warm spring and they should be fine throughout the rest of the chilly weather. I have also been able to tie up some blackberry bushes and replace the handle on a pointed hoe that's probably at least 60 years old passed down from our grandfather. It was a good weeked this past weekend and hopefully in the next week or two we will have more planted and the greenhouse fixed !

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